Air Quality Guardian CO2 Monitor

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Reduce the risk of airborne viruses being spread and give your people true peace of mind – give them an Air Quality Guardian.


The Air Quality Guardian is a reliable air quality monitor designed specifically to measure levels of carbon dioxide  (CO2), relative humidity (RH) and temperature (temp) in your building.

The Air Quality Guardian helps you maintain an energy efficient building. An occupied area with good ventilation will have levels of around 400-800ppm (parts per million) CO2. Anything above this, you know you  need to ventilate, anything below this and you may be over-ventilating and wasting energy.

By using the Air Quality Guardian as part of your HVAC system, you can also ensure the health and wellbeing of those in the area. This unit uses a simple traffic light system to let you know at a glance when fresh air is needed. By ventilating, you are  reducing the risk of a virus such as COVID-19 spreading.

A fresh, clean air environment also increases productivity and strengthens the immune system.

A few bits to remember:

  • Providing data it lets you know when to ventilate the area, helping to reduce the spread of airborne viruses’ such as COVID-19, flu and the common cold
  • It has a simple to use traffic light warning system
  • Ready to use – straight from the box
  • CE, UKCA, RoHS 2.0 and FCC compliant


  • Energy efficiency
  • Save time and money with self-calibration (manual calibration optional)
  • Use data logging to analyze trends in your building
  • Real time alarms
  • Helps to reduce the spread of airborne viruses such as COVID-19, flu and the common cold
  • Improved health benefits
  • Increased productivity, reduced fatigue
  • Power failure battery backup
  • Simple and intuitive to use

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