MA SERVICES PVT LTD, formerly called MALE' COMPRESSOR, was founded in 1991 to offer the best services to the vibrant diving industry in Maldives by form of supply, maintenance, and inspection of high pressure breathing air equipment.

Before the turn of the new millennium, the company was rebranded to MA SERVICES. The new name embodies the company's core mission of introducing innovative products and services to deliver high-caliber diving resources in the Maldives.

MA SERVICES has been providing specialized professional services of breathing air equipment for diving centers, safari vessels, fire stations, and other high pressure breathing air applications in Maldives.

Our customers benefit greatly from our over 30 years of experience in this industry, our professionally trained team, expert advice, and dedicated service that is second to none.

As the agent of BAUER -- the world's leader in diving compressors -- SCUBAPRO, RENNER, KSI, and other well-known names in the diving industry, our products come with the manufacturer's warranty.



The Complete Diving Solutions Sales Center

Nestled in the middle of TATA Flats, Gaakoshi, Ameenee Magu is MA SERVICES' Complete Diving Solutions Sales Center.

With big brands like BAUER, SCUBAPRO, PADI, AQUATEC, SAN-O-SUB, and many others, the varieties and quality of products available in the Sales Center are everything that a diver would need and more.

True to its name Complete Diving Solutions, the Sales Center is a one-stop shop for all equipment, accessories, and consumables that are needed by dive operators and hobbyists. The Sales Team are also happy to assist patrons for PADI membership renewals, warranty replacements, product education, and all other inquiries related to SCUBA gear or even to start your own diving business.


The Service Center

G. Veyoge along Husnuheena Magu is home to MA SERVICES' Office and Service Center. This is where customers drop by when in need of maintenance and service assistance.

The Service Center is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to efficiently perform tasks from start to finish. Furthermore, this is the headquarters of MA SERVICES' professional Service and Technical Department. The team's expertise due to formal trainings here and abroad make them globally competent and a powerful in-demand labor force in the Maldives.

Trainings to BAUER Compressor Operators and Technicians also take place in the Service Center. The workshop provides the best hands-on experience to those who want to learn the ins and outs of maintaining their breathing air equipment. After all, MA SERVICES envisions the diving industry to be self-sufficient and to educate more personnel on proper and safe use and maintenance of their gears.