Sherwood Scuba Pro Valve

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The Sherwood Scuba Diving Pro Valve has a standard yoke outlet with a spin-out threaded DIN adapter to accommodate 230 bars (3,300 psi). This Sherwood Valve exceeds CGA V9 Standards for Cylinder Valves for Compressed Gases. The valve is cycle tested at the Sherwood Factory 5,000 times to exceed all real time world applications assuring the user the highest in quality and dependability. The valve is engineered with high-flow characteristics to maximize regulator performance. The valve design allows for easy and comfortable cylinder handling. A slant back hand wheel allows easy access to operating the valve when regulator is mounted on the cylinder.

A positive hand wheel grip for easy identification of on/off direction and the valve is designed with proven and readily available replacement valve parts. The valve has a DOT approved burst disc assembly uses integrated disc and plug design. The yoke valve is service pressure rated for 3,000 psi (200 bars) and has been tested to 12,000 psi (828 bars) for safety. Sherwood Scuba Diving Pro DIN/Yoke Valve is manufactured from durable corrosion resistant marine grade chrome plated brass.

The heavy-duty valve mechanism is designed for smooth operation and the multi ported burst disc plug will prevent jetting air from tipping over a standing cylinder or creating a dangerous spinning cylinder in case of an over pressurization of the cylinder. Valve is standard (3/4"- 14 NPSM) threaded cylinder to valve inlet and has a high-capacity dip tube that prevents contaminants from reaching the air stream.


The Sherwood Scuba Diving Pro Valve features:
  • Standard Yoke Outlet with a Spin-Out Threaded DIN Adapter
  • Yoke Pressure: 3,000 psi (200 bars)
  • DIN Pressure: 230-bar (3,300 psi)
  • Valve Exceeds CGA V9 Standards for Cylinder Valves for Compressed Gases
  • Cycle Tested at Sherwood Factory: 5,000 x, Exceed-All-Real-Time World Applications
  • Testing: Assures User the Highest in Quality and Dependability
  • High-Flow Characteristics to Maximize Regulator Performance
  • Easy-and-Comfortable Cylinder Handling
  • Slant Back Hand Wheel: Allows Easy Access to Operating the Valve
  • Positive Hand Wheel Grip for Easy-Identification of On/Off Direction
  • Proven-and-Readily Available-Replacement Valve Parts
  • DOT Approved Burst Disc Assembly with Integrated-Disc and Plug Design
  • Multi Ported Burst Disc Plug for Added Safety
  • Tested to 12,000 psi (828 bars) for Safety
  • Construction: Durable Corrosion Resistant Marine Grade Chrome Plated Brass
  • Heavy-Duty Valve Mechanism: Designed for Smooth-Operation
  • Standard 3/4"- 14 NPSM Threaded Cylinder to Valve Inlet
  • High-Capacity Dip Tube


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