Mouldable Mouthpiece

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Anatomical physiological mouthpiece by AQUATEC

Parts 1: Holder (Black color).
Parts 2: Customization Mouthpiece.
UP marks: This side faces up. (upper teeth).

A. Insert the Holder to the Mouthpiece correctly.
B. Immerse the mouthpiece in boiling water for 15 seconds, do not immerse the mouthpiece beyond the line indicates.
C. Shake off any water after removing from the boiling water.
D. Place the mouthpiece in the mouth immediately for 2 minutes, close the mouth, suck out all air and water. Massage the cheeks firmly at the same time with the fingers, remove the mouthpiece and place it in cold water for 3 minutes.
E. Insert the Mouthpiece in the mouth again, and if it is not fit, repeat from point A.
F. Insert the mouthpiece to oral and tighten with cable tight supplied.

Warming advice:
. Any excess material after customization can be removed using scissors.
. Mouthpiece can be re-shaped several times.

Color: Clear, Blue, Yellow, Black

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