Go Sport Fin

Go Sport Fin

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The SCUBAPRO Go Sport Fin features:
  • Lightweight design increases convenience when traveling and comfort and ease of use in the water.

  • Open heel "Boot-Fit" design features a replaceable self-adjusting bungee heel strap that allows for a versatile fit and makes the fin easy to don and doff.

  • Revised Ergo3 foot pocket is re-profiled for maximum comfort and power transfer.

  • Ultra-strong 100% Monprene® construction avoids problems of delamination, broken blades and torn foot pockets, making it ideal for long-term, heavy-duty use.

  • 25º pre-angled blade with a Central Power Panel provides longitudinal rigidity and creates a channeling effect.

  • Power Bars on the underside of the rails prevent overflex to maintain the optimum angle of attack under high-load conditions.

  • In-water performance delivers speed, power, stability and maneuverability with a minimum of effort.

  • Fins fit easily in IATA carry-on compliant luggage for divers who like to travel the world.

MA SERVICES is the authorized distributor of SCUBAPRO products and genuine spare parts in the Maldives.

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