PARKER EnOxy 608 Oxygen Membrane Module

Parker hollow-fibre membrane modules produce oxygen enriched air from compressed air to offer a cost effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional oxygen gas supplies.

Parker modules can be built into a custom-made oxygen generator or can be integrated with your process to provide an on-demand, continuous source of oxygen gas.

Oxygen enriched air is used in many health and wellness related applications such as nitrox diving, oxygen bars and oxygen training rooms.




  • Less membrane modules needed per enrichment system. More enriched air per fibre is produced from Parker hollow-fibre membranes than any other in the world.
  • Use of low pressure standard industrial compressor. No high pressure compressor needed to obtain required enriched-oxygen flow.
  • Energy savings. Operation at a low pressure requires less energy.
  • Reduced COemissions. No heater required to open polymer membrane structure, thus reducing the energy consumption.
  • Robust fibre. Most tolerant fibre to particle contamination
  • Large membrane diameter. Lowest membrane module pressure drop
  • Strong engineering plastic. Life-expectancy of more than 10 years
  • Factory membrane ageing, pre-delivery. No performance decrease over time due to fibre ageing
  • Quick start-up time. Required enriched-oxygen purity is produced instantly, no time needed to heat-up
  • Flexible mounting arrangements. Can be mounted horizontal or vertical
  • Low noise operation. Radiated noise generated by membrane technology is extremely low
  • No maintenance required. No user serviceable parts
  • Small system footprint. Less modules needed to produce oxygen enriched air requirements