MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS Nitrox – The compressors for high performance requirements for the compression of nitrox and breathing air

TÜV certification for operation with oxygen content of up to 40%

Temperature monitoring of all stages and in the final separator

Now significantly quieter: thanks to the new anti-vibration frame and noise-optimised Super Silent housing

Long service life, high degree of modularity: Tailored to meet your needs

The MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS series has been developed and built specifically to meet high performance requirements in continuous operation in professional applications.

The new MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS combine the legendary BAUER compressor blocks with improved components and ultra-modern design! During the redesign, the focus was on ergonomics, making operation as easy as possible, reducing noise and boosting efficiency.
All control elements that are important for everyday operation are ergonomically arranged and easily accessible from the front. A new condensate vessel integrated into the housing with 40 % more capacity. The compressor control monitors the fill level and informs the operator in good time if the condensate needs to be emptied.

The nitrox compressors are available for the compression of nitrox with an oxygen content of up to 40% and for a maximum operating pressure of 225 bar.

Technical Data:

MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS Nitrox high-pressure compressor up to 225 bar, 260 – 450 l/min
Charging rate ¹ No. of
compr. stages
L × W × H ²
  l/min m³/h cfm    rpm kW   kg cm
MV 260-OX 260 15.6 9.2 4 1185 5.5 P 41 349 120 × 79 × 138
MV 320-OX 320 19.2 11.5 4 1450 7.5 P 41 350 120 × 79 × 138
V 450-OX 450 25.2 16 4 1320 11 P 61  402 120 × 79 × 153

¹ Measured with cylinder filling from 0 to 200 bar (0 to 3000 psi), ±5%
² Dimensions for Super-Silent version: MINI-VERTICUS: 136 × 81 × 138 cm, VERTICUS: 154 × 81 × 153 cm

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