As the world's smallest residential elevator, the PVE30 has quickly found its place as the ultimate space-saving solution for any home. If you are in need of a home lift, but are limited in space, these Single-Passenger Residential Elevators are the perfect solution for you.

Single Passenger Residential Elevators

The PVE30 is the smallest residential elevator in the world, yet it is just as capable as other residential elevators that are much larger and much more expensive. The PVE30 elevators has a 350 lb (159 kg) lift capacity and is capable of up to 50 ft (15 m) of rise over as many as five stops. With a 30 inch outside diameter, these home elevators are small enough to fit in even the most modest-sized home. If you thought home elevators were out of reach for you because of size constraints, this is the solution you have been looking for.  

Precision Engineering

Just because it is small doesn't mean these residential elevators are any less capable or any less quality-made. It is manufactured from polycarbonate and aluminum, making it one of the best home elevators on the market today. Place your confidence in our PVE30 residential elevators and you won't be disappointed.



No Pre-construction Pit, Hoist Way or Machine Room Required




 No pit, hoist way, or machine room required
 50 ft (15 m) Total Rise Max
 35 ft/m travelling speed
 2 to 5 stops
 External Cylinder diameter: 30 inches (750 mm)
 Internal Cabin diameter: 20 1/2 inches (521 mm)
 Internal Cabin height: 6'7" (79 inches / 2005 mm)
 Entrance way opening: 20 1/2 inches (521 mm)
 Through Floor or Balcony Mount Landings
 Power Supply: 25 AMP 220VAC
 In-line door openings
 Aluminum and polycarbonate cylinder structure
 Automatic interior LED lighting and fan
 Mechanical emergency safety brake system
 One year limited manufacturer warranty
 ASME A17.7 Certified


     Standard Dark Gray
     Light Gray
     Anodized Silver

      Upgrades & Features

       Smart Home  Integration
       Solar Panel Package
       Homing Feature
       Remote Control Option
       Cabin Key Lock
       Earthquake Brackets