Free Flow OxyKit

ACE 5LTR-140 with Bag
  • MVR4,427.75
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OxyKit comes with Al-Can Light Weight Aluminum Oxygen Cylinder with Valve, Regulator, Mask, and carry bag. OxyKit Aluminum Cylinder is approx 30% Light Weight compared to Steel Cylinder. It is also portable and easy to use.

OxyKit is ideal for:

  1. Patients suffering from Respiratory Disorder (under Doctor's guidance/prescription)
  2. Senior Citizens
  3. Yatra, Mountaineers, Trekker for ease of breathing at high altitude
  4. Athletes and Sportsmen

The OxyKit includes:

  • Empty Aluminum Cylinder
  • Pin Index Toggle Type Valve
  • Pin Index Regulator Mask
  • Aluminum Trolley or Bag


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