Elmasonic Select 30

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ELMASONIC Select 30 Ultrasonic Sevice Ultrasonic Cleaner

 Powerful and individual - that is the ultrasonic cleaning device of the Elmasonic Select series.

Equipped with an ultrasonic frequency of 37 kHz, 5 ultrasonic modes, the option of saving up to 4 individual cleaning programs and with tub volumes of 3 to 90 liters (from Select 60 with drain), Elmasonic Select devices are versatile. Application-specific cleaning chemicals and practical, optionally available accessories such as baskets, noise protection boxes, brackets and much more ensure the best cleaning results and make work easier.


  • Memory for 4 individually adjustable cleaning programs --> for an easily and quickly retrievable cleaning process in the ultrasonic device and reproducible cleaning results
  • Practical, configurable functions --> such as the limit temperature for temperature-sensitive processes and parts, the auto-degas mode for automatic degassing and the auto-start mode for automatic heating of the cleaning liquid before cleaning
  • 5 ultrasonic cleaning modes for best cleaning results and easy sample preparation
    • degas: Rapid degassing of freshly prepared cleaning solutions and (HPLC) samples
    • eco: For gentle cleaning with quiet operation and a longer service life of the device
    • sweep: Uniform distribution of ultrasonic power for most cleaning tasks
    • pulse: Removes stubborn dirt with a pulsating sound field distribution
    • dynamic: Combines the pulse and sweep ultrasonic modes to increase the overall cleaning performance
  • Clear, easy-to-read display --> with display of all relevant cleaning parameters such as remaining cleaning time, target/actual temperature for precise setting
  • Acoustic and visual feedback on the operating status --> e.g. at the end of cleaning or overtemperature
  • Suitable accessories such as inserts, brackets, noise protection boxes, etc. make cleaning easier and ensure quieter operation
  • Industry-specific cleaning chemicals --> is ecologically and economically optimized. By means of a precise overview of the cleaning series, the right cleaning agent for the cleaning task can be found quickly and used correctly with the Elma application and dosing aids


  • Watch components such as straps, clasps, cases
  • Jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces
  • Made of materials such as precious metals (e.g. gold, silver, stainless steel), hard precious stones (e.g. diamond, ruby, sapphire) (-> beware of internal tension, hairline cracks or inclusions in the stone)


  • Polishing, lapping and abrasive materials
  • Gums, oils and fats
  • Coking and soot
  • Adhesive and flux residues
  • Organic contamination such as horn and skin residues
  • Wearing dirt

Matching accessories and add-ons

Drying Equipment, Baskets, Jewelry Holders, Insert Lids, Tumblers, Ring Stands, Tweezers, Silicone Mats, Acid Tubs, Noise Proof Boxes

Matched Chemistry

Elma Luxury Clean (item no.: 5510.650)
Efficient cleaning. Brightening of jewelry. Protection against restarting

Technical Specifications

  • Recommended working volume Va (l) --> 1.6
  • Mains voltage (V~) --> 220-240
  • Mains frequency (Hz) --> 50/60
  • Total power consumption (W) --> 320
  • Ultrasonic power effective ±10% (W) --> 120
  • Ultrasonic peak power max.* (W) --> 480
  • Heat output (W) --> 200
  • Temperature (°C) --> 25-80
  • Degree of protection --> IP 20
  • Sound pressure level (LpAU)** --> < 80 dB
  • Ultrasonic level (LpZ)** --> < 110 dB
  • Device external dimensions (WxDxH) --> 305 x170 x 230 mm
  • Tub internal dimensions (WxDxH) --> 220 x 120 x 95 mm
  • Weight with lid (kg) --> 3.6
  • Process --> no

Scope Of Delivery

  • lid
  • Mains cable with IEC connection (2 m long)
  • operation manual

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