POSEIDON EDITION Nitrox Compressors

TÜV certification for operation with oxygen content of up to 40%

Temperature monitoring of all stages and in the final separator

OX-optimised POSEIDON EDITION compressor units withcharging rates between 320 – 700 l/min are designed for use with NITROX membrane systems and TÜV approved for the compression of NITROX with up to 40% oxygen content. The systems are controlled by the easy-to-use B-CONTROL MICRO compressor control.

Professionally customised to meet individual needs and charging rate requirements in breathing air applications, the PE-VE units offer practical equipment, typical BAUER quality and certified safety for reliable stationary operation.

The nitrox compressors are available for the compression of nitrox with an oxygen content of up to 40% and for a maximum operating pressure of 225 bar.

Technical Data:

POSEIDON EDITION Nitrox Compressors, up to 225 bar, 320 – 700 l/min
Charging rate ¹ Number of
compressor stages
L × W × H ²
  l/min m³/h cfm    rpm kW cm
PE 320-VE-OX 320 19 11.5 4 1450 7.5 114 × 83 × 152
PE 550-VE-OX 550 33 20 4 1230 11
PE 700-VE-OX 700 42 25 4 1400 15

¹ Measured with cylinder filling from 0 to 200 bar (0 to 3000 psi), ±5%
² Dimensions for Super-Silent version: 148 × 83 × 152 cm.

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