Introduced to the elevator industry in 2002, the PVE37 is the first Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator model developed and distributed worldwide. As the ideal space saving solution, this Two-Passenger Residential Elevator can fit virtually anywhere inside the home without the consuming footprint of traditional home elevators.

Two-Passenger Residential Elevators

The PVE37 has paved the way for the rest of the pneumatic vacuum elevators lineup. The many features of this PVE37 home lift make it a great option if you want something more spacious than the PVE30, but do not have enough room or the need for the wheelchair-accessible PVE52. It measures 37 inches in outside diameter and 32 inches wide on the interior of the cabin. This air-driven residential elevator can safely carry two adults, or 450 lbs, up to as many as five stops or 50 feet in total rise. For an even more comfortable ride, you can opt to have a cabin seat installed for a single rider to sit on while being carried up to another floor.


Absolute Safety

The PVE37 is nothing short of a technological marvel! This home elevator operates with five individual turbines, but these powerful turbines only use 5 kilowatts of electricity, making the PVE37 an environmentally friendly home elevator. It runs off of a 30 amp/220 volt power supply, which is the same as most washer and dryers. If the power goes out in your home, you will not get stuck in the elevator. The safety system is designed to automatically switch to a slow descent when the power goes out, and mechanical brakes engage if the elevator ever begins to free fall.



Space-saving Solution for Your Home




No pit, hoist way, or machine room required
 50 ft (15 m) Total Rise Max
 35 ft/m travelling speed
 2 to 5 stops
 Self-supporting structure
 External Cylinder diameter: 37 inches (933 mm)
 Internal Cabin diameter: 32 inches (813 mm)
 Internal Cabin height: 6'5" (77 inches / 1956 mm)
 Entrance way opening: 21 inches (534 mm)
 Through Floor or Balcony Mount Landings
 Power Supply: 30 AMP 220VAC
 In-line, 180° and 90° door openings*
 Aluminum and polycarbonate cylinder structure
 Automatic interior LED lighting and fan
 Mechanical emergency safety brake system
 One year limited manufacturer warranty
 ASME A17.7 Certified

*All upper floor doors must be same side door openings for 90° door configuration


 Standard Dark Gray
 Light Gray
 Anodized Silver

    Upgrades & Features

     Smart Home  Integration
     Solar Panel Package
     Cabin Folding Seat
     Homing Feature
     Remote Control Option
     Cabin Key Lock
     Earthquake Brackets