KSI ECOCLEAN® APF83WS Water Separator

KSI ECOCLEAN® APF83WS Water Separator

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Compressed air filter APF83WS connection 3/4" Water separator


Compressed Air Filtration

High quality through manufacturer competence

The increasing demands of modern production processes also place ever higher demands on the quality of compressed air. Compressors compress the intake air, which contains substances harmful to production, many times over and usually release oils in the finest form as aerosols to the compressed air. In addition, impurities such as fine dust, oil droplets, rust particles, scale, parts of sealing material etc. from the compressed air network are added − and of course condensate (water). Filtration technology of the KSI ECOCLEAN® series protects pneumatic production plants, machines, tools, measuring instruments or products against contamination by means of high-performance filtration.

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